Unknown Pleasures

Available as a kit, batch#1,  20 December 2014 with silver panel, back in stock as batch #4, 15 december 2019 with gold plated panel.

Parts & Eurorack panel shipped to worldwide: 56€

Complete Eurorack Unknown Pleasures modules shipped to WW: 89€


-Unknown Pleasures is an Analog Tactile Noise Generator who use finger’s contact to produce sounds from Low Frequency oscillations to High Frequency Noise.

-When the metal pads are pressed, the human body and the modular Synthetizer itself become a part of the circuitry to vary tonal response.

-In addition, Sounds oscillations are converted to Tension and provide a CV Output from 0V to  3,70V

-Unknown Pleasures is based on an antique op-Amp from Soviet era. Sounds response  can vary depending the NOS MAA501 and user.

How does its work?

-When the Master pad is connected via user body to another pad or ground from the Modular synth, the device produce sounds! Master pad is represented by the 3 striped pads, the other pads correspond to others pins of the antique integrated circuit.


-Gold plated PCB

-Audio Jack OUT

-CV Jack OUT

-10P Eurorack bus connector

-20ma power draw (+/-12V)

-Reverse polarity protection

-Depth: 6hp

-Skiff Friendly