Available as a kit:

Batch#1, December 2018

Allow to play as a regular Controller, an Auto Fire with many modes (Only Button 1 or 4 or all the buttons), a 3D Imager Simulator (Launch the 3D Vectrex Games without the glasses, perfect for testing Your AY3-8912 chip or 3D Imager)

And you can also use all these functions via your regular Vectrex controller because there is a male DB9 Input connector.

In addition "Control" is dedicated to the hack, so all switch, Y axis, X axis are accessible via 4mm pads that you can screw or solder to make your own Vectrex controller (With autofire etc ...).

Control is Arduino, you can also hack the code, upload everything, remap the buttons by examples if you want to use the button 4 instead of the button 2 in some games, make a self controlled player device, send CV from Modular synthesizer to play music etc ...