Super Warp Generator

We are not responsible for anything wrong (including electric shocks, malfunctions, fires, accidents involving a soldering iron) that might happen during the assembly of the kit. Everything you do while assembling the kit is at your own risks.

How does it work?

This design uses a special RGB LED with its own built-in integrated circuit. This module consumes only few micro amps supplied by the gate pulse, and produces itself  sounds and light cycle, its a real minimalist Sound Generator. See whats happens when we apply 5V DC continuously  or Gate pulses:

Bill of material:  (including resistor color code)
-1X 1K (Brown, black, black, Brown, Brown)

-1x 10uF polarized capacitor. (Grey strip indicate the negative polarity)

1x RGB 5mm

-2x mono jacks 3,5mm with nuts.

-1x Wire cable

Assembly instructions
Note: The Super Warp Generator can be assembled without soldering if you link carefully the pins components.
Step 1:  Mount the jack on the front panel, with the jack tip turned-up.

 Step 2: Strip the cable and wire the ground between the pin jacks. Apply a small amount of solder on each jacks pin.

Step 3:
Prepare the 10uF capacitor and the 1k resistance that will bus the pulses of gate. 
Note: The capacitors gray stripe is in the opposite side to the resistance. But this is not a problem if you're wrong and place the gray stripe on the resistor side.

Step 3:
Mount the capacitor and the resistor on the jacks tip as below, and apply a small amount of solder.

Step 4:
Mount the LEd as show below. The Led is polarized.

The shortest pin must be positioned and solder on the ground bus.

Step 5: 
Patch an unipolar 5v signal as a gate or LFO. The LED should light immediatly. The Led cycle (Sounds and Lights) is delay time and waveform dependant.
Enjoy your Super Warp Generator!!!