Full Kits: you need to mount the module: Programmed uC, Panels, 2xPCBs, SMD components, connectors etc... (except for the display which must be ordered separately from a trusted seller) 
Batch#2 from 23 september 2016 is provided with strong Neutrik RCA connectors.

Spare parts: Available

-PCBs, Programmed uC & Faceplate

SOLD OUT at February 3 2018, but:
Many of you are wondering why the Telewizor kits are no longer in stock for several months. I am neither sick nor dead and Razmasynth still exists (The kits of VIII are also available since Christmas), but there is a reason:

-I am currently working on a new version of Telewizor in collaboration with US artist Detroit Underground! When this new module comes out (soon soon) Telewizor kits will be available again, with new hardware and functions.

Spare parts kits:

Contains programmed uC, Panel and 2xPCBs. The SMD components, connectors etc... must be ordered from Mouser (or other supplier) The display must be ordered separately from a trusted seller.

3,5 LCD Display:

-Trusted Seller from eBay:

-Trusted Seller from AliExpress:

Mouser BOM for spare parts kits:





-All the Full kits orders are send as Priority Tracked Mail

Return & policy:

If within 30 days of the original purchase you are unsatisfied you can return the clean, un-marred, un-soldered kit and we will refund the purchase price of the kit. You must include the original email you received from the on-line payment service regarding the transaction and pay for the cost of shipping it back to me. Please remember that the only stipulation to this offer is that the kit must be in the same condition as it was when I sent it to you (clean, un-marred, and un-soldered). You can return it in the same box you received it in if you tape it back together securely. There will, of course, be no refund if I receive an empty box or a damaged or incomplete kit. Paste our address on the outside and when we receive it we will issue a refund to you of the purchase price using the same on-line payment service used to make the purchase.