Parts & Eurorack panel shipped worldwide

Shibuya LFO Full kits: Includes everything needed for building the Shibuya LFO eurorack module.

(including flat power ribbon cable an 2x 50mm Leds strips)

6U Acryl Ears Sides kits: Fully compatible with the Shibuya LFO eurorack module.

(including acryl ears sides, 2x 200mm LEDs strips, Acryl insert and wire to connect the ears sides Led’s to Shibuya).

M5 screws, Rails and Power Supply not included

PCB, Panels and Rare parts kits:

(Rare parts sheets are including programmed iC, 1x Dac0800, 1x 74HC595, 1xTL074, 2x 12mm Push buttons, 1x Quartz 16MHz and 5x 3,5mm Jacks).

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-All the Full kits orders are send as Priority Tracked Mail

Return & policy:

If within 30 days of the original purchase you are unsatisfied you can return the clean, un-marred, un-soldered kit and we will refund the purchase price of the kit. You must include the original email you received from the on-line payment service regarding the transaction and pay for the cost of shipping it back to me. Please remember that the only stipulation to this offer is that the kit must be in the same condition as it was when I sent it to you (clean, un-marred, and un-soldered). You can return it in the same box you received it in if you tape it back together securely. There will, of course, be no refund if I receive an empty box or a damaged or incomplete kit. Paste our address on the outside and when we receive it we will issue a refund to you of the purchase price using the same on-line payment service used to make the purchase.


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