Cthulhu eurorack module. batch #1 : 10 modules full mounted and calibrated, available at 23th september 2013

Batch #2, with new panel: Only available in Modular event  in Den Haag, Netherland, March 2016

Batch #3 May 2016: 15 Spare parts kits

Cthulhu is a 2 pole filter, with a sound generator that can be controlled via a ribbon or CV.


-2-pole filter
-Integrated VCA with CV control
-Two audio inputs
-Mixer for the three sources
-CV control with attenuverter on the filter
-Direct output for the sound generator
-Output and 180° output.

  1. 28 mA +12V

  2. 21 mA -12V

  3. 35 mm Depth

  4. Reverse polarity protection